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Obscure Anime Series That You Haven’t Seen (and Won’t See): Part II

Here is another article on an anime series that most of you may have never heard of.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (会長はメイド様!) Wikipedia link is here.

This one is based on a shoujo manga, which is mainly geared toward the female audience.

The title is loosely translated as “The President is a Maid.”  Unfortunately, I was turned off by this loose translation as I was expecting a cross-dressing middle aged corporate business man prancing about as a protagonist.

However, I realized such chauvinistic generalization would not fit this humble writer, so I decided to give this anime a try.

After watching the first 2 minutes of the first episode, I realized that I had grossly mistranslated the title.  The “president” was actually referring to “president of the school council” and not a corporate “president” which would use the same 2 kanji in Japanese, Kaichou (会長).

The premise of the anime as with the original manga from which it is based is that the president of the school council (the female protagonist) has an after school job where she works as a server at a maid cafe, which would be quite an embarrassment in real life.  For those that are not familiar with some of the lesser forms of Japanese culture, and by lesser I mean “sub” as in subculture.  A maid cafe is an atypical cafe establishment where the servers (typically female) are dressed in what we in the West would call French maid outfit and address their customers as “master” or Go-shu-jin-sama (ご主人様.)

The main protagonist of the series looks something like this.

Misaki Ayuazawa. Note: The subject depicted above may differ in appearance to the actual subject.

Her not-quite-beau and male adonis plays the love interest which we all know will end up with the heroine anyway.

He looks something like this.

Takumi Usui. Note: This subject depicted above also may differ in appearance to the actual subject.

To prevent myself from spoiling the plot for those of you who may amuse themselves by learning more about this series but also to prevent myself from spewing gibberish and to post these sketches with some sort of relevence I will end the article here.

But I assure you my benevolent readers, this show is quite interesting.


I want to be that guy with the cell phone.

If you have ever picked up a business brochure, you have probably seen him.





See that guy?  I want to be that guy with the cell phone.  He is the prototypical male adonis.  Women want him and men want to be him.  Move over Austin Powers, here comes the man with the phone.

I first met him while I was working for —-, a telecommunications company.  Here he was blossoming in his own glory.  Smack dab on the cover of the brochure which held outdated and sometimes anachronistic revenue results, it was as if he were confiding to me about how awesome he was.  By having his image on the said brochure, it is inevitable that the company’s profitability will be as awesome.

He wears his slick black Italian suit as if he were ready to face Satan in a single handed battle in Armageddon.  His jet black hair adorns his charismatic yet youthful face like a tiara on Miss Universe.  His head is held up high staring at the sun because you know the sun does not faze him at all.  Rather, the sun is being overshadowed by his major awesomeness and glory.  And finally, the cell phone is his weapon, his comrade, his right hand man, which he carries with passion as if it were surgically attached limb.  And everyone knows that he is, at that moment, conversing with God on how he is THE MAN.

Such is the impact of this image.  Needless to say, someday archaeologists from the future will be digging up marble statues of this man.  Chiseled with infiinite detail and ever engrossing power that just communicates to the viewer of this man’s marvelous blob of charisma and what can only be described as bigger than infinity will leave an everlasting desire to be… that man… even in the distant future.

If you ever run into him in real life.  Be very careful and don’t forget to kneel immediately before his presence lest you just might be struck down by his awesomeness and lightning or whatever else he may wield along with his mighty cell phone.

To be continued?