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Random Sketches Election Day Special

Today at Random Sketches, I draw the two main characters from Black Rock Shooter.

This particular character was based on a fan project of a re-imagined Hatsune Miku set in a completely unrelated world.

As reference, here’s what they actually look like.


Source: Black Rock Shooter OVA

Character: Black Rock Shooter

Scene: She’s running towards the camera.


Source: Black Rock Shooter

Character: Dead Master

Scene: Black Rock Shooter enters an open area where Dead Master is waiting.

Post-election results tomorrow.  Be there or be square.


Obscure Anime Series That You Haven’t Seen (and Won’t See): Part III

Have you ever heard of Neon Genesis Evangelion? FLCL? Nadia: Secret of Blue Water? Gurren Lagann?  (Note: All 27 episodes of Gurren Lagann is currrently available on Hulu)

I’m sure you haven’t.  The above mentioned anime series are some of the MOST obscure anime EVER created.

And who in the world of anime is behind this obscurity?  None other than Gainax!

Have you ever heard of them?!  I haven’t… that is until now.  Turns out back when Gainax people were still amateurs (quite literally so,) they did this.  When this animation short was played in Daicon IV, I’m guessing many eyes were aghast with shame and embarrassment at the poor quality of such amateurish project.  Can you believe it?  This was before they started getting paid for doing so.  Such shameless candor these guys showed.  Such blasphemous and heinous act of doodling if it can even be called that.

Folks, it turns out Gainax was not finished with their meddlesome act of desecrating the anime culture.

Their newest release comes in a Pandora’s box ready to unleash its wrath at unsuspecting audience and non-audience alike.

Of course, I am acting as the opener of the box but I shall take no blame.

Panty & Stockings with Garterbelt is a new anime series produced by Gainax.

As the name implies this show is about Panty & Stockings with Garterbelt.

Since I will not be spoiling any plot I will get to the point.

Panty and Stockings are two angels who were rejected from heaven and thus must gather (I’m not making this up) H-coins to re-enter the celestial bastion.  Garterbelt, as far as I could gather, is a priest of some sort.  I am guessing that since he lives in a church and we all know only priests live in churches.

Here is what I think Panty and Stockings look like, respectively.

Left: Panty, Right: Stockings

Garterbelt has a dark complexion and sports a giant afro.

You are probably wondering what this show is about.  Aside from what I have mentioned (about coins and such.)  I cannot tell you what this show is about.  I can, however, tell you that this show is a cross between Powerpuff Girls and one of those avant-garde cartoons from Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim segment.

As the title implies, it contains some “graphic elements” as shown below.

From Panty's "transformation" scene

Since this show is available on Crunchyroll, an anime streaming site, you should all check it out.

Despite me poking fun at Gainax, this one’s another looker as expected.

Up next, I draw an actual human figure. . . depicted as a 4 sided polygon.


Random Sketches 2010-09-25

{Source: Spice and Wolf (狼と香辛料)}

Horo from Spice and Wolf

{Source: Time of Eve (イブの時間)}

Akiko from Time of Eve


Random Sketches 2010-09-22

{Source: Bakemonogatari}

Hitagi Senjougahara


Random Sketches Part III

More sketches, this time with 2 characters.

Sketch one

{Source: Spice and Wolf}

In this scene, Horo is doing her usual flirting with Lawrence who, on the other hand, seems a bit nonplussed about the situation.

For those unfamiliar with this particular anime,

Horo has wolf ears cause she is a wolf.

Sketch Two

{Source: Apocalypse Meow}

Packy and Bota make their escape from the marauding Camels.

Unfortunately, the source was from CGI animation, so this particular scene was not too fun to sketch.

Sketch Three (Bonus Sketch)

{Source: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei}

Kimura Kaede wanting a second opinion.

Up next, I’ll be tackling the issue of panda bears’ inability to mate successfully in captivity.


Random Sketches Part II

{Posting more sketches here.}

Sketch 1

First up is Suruga Kanbaru from Bakemonogatari or Monster Story in English.  Some might translate this as Ghost Story, just so you can do the ghoSTory thing with it like the Japanese title, which is an amalgamation of the Japanese BAKEMONO (monster) and MONOGATARI (story/tale,) hence the “bakeMONOgatari.”

The original image was a screenshot from the anime.  I just loved her expression in this scene where she was complimenting herself.

Since I still have trouble drawing anime eyes, this shot was perfect. (Oh, those are supposed to be bandages on her left arm.)

Sketch 2 (older than sketches from the earlier random sketches posting)

Next up is Suzu Hagimura from Seitokai Yakuindomo (something something school council.)

Google it or something.  I don’t know what it means in English exactly.

It was just a random scene where Suzu was studying and thinking about something.

Original was also a screenshot.

Join me next time as I tackle the issue of low birthrate in Taiwan.

Stay tuned.


Random Sketches

Hello to whomever just happen to drop by.

I report back with good news from the nether realm whence I return.

I drew things and I shall share them.

Note: None of these are traced.  They are drawn with a mechanical pencil on recycled paper to imitate the source material.

Imitation is the highest form of admiration, right?  Or something like that.

[Source material for this and other sketches from this post are all from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei manga, available at fine bookstores online and off.  (I actually bought mine and you should too.)]


Sketch Attempt #1

After attempting to draw screenshots of random anime characters, I settled for an image with less lines.

Hito Nami from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei reacting to someone calling her “ordinary”

Sketch Attempt #2

After a somewhat successful attempt, I decided to look for an image that contained the entire human figure for extra challenge.

Here is Fura Kafuka also from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

Fura’s head had to be redone several times to actually match the body due to an unexplained quantum shift during initial sketch attempt.  There are obvious eraser marks as will be noticeable in other future sketches.

Sketch Attempt #3

Having felt the pangs of utter failure at my first full body sketch, I made another attempt with a different picture and pose.

This one felt easier for some reason and fortunately proportions were much better this time.

It seems possible that spring/fall outfits are easier to draw than winter ones.

Sketch Attempt #last

Now feeling somewhat satisfied with my possibly final attempt at drawing, I went back to my roots and did Fura’s face.

I hope you enjoyed the show.

Please join me next time when I attempt to make nuclear fusion more practical for home use.