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No You Didn’t Part 01: Web Comic

Welcome to No You Didn’t!

This will be our new segment where things that should not ever occur nor exist are in full view of the public.

Exhibit A:

First Four Panels

  1. [Panel 1] A: Have you met Steve?  He works over at Che’s Coffee.
  2. [Panel 2] B: You mean the gay guy?
  3. [Panel 3] A: He never said so.  But he refers to his boyfriend or girlfriend as “life partner.” B: Does this “life partner” have a name?
  4. [Panel 4] A: Never mentioned the name but I’m sure it’s Alex or Sam.

Second Four Panels

  1. [Panel 5] C: Hola compadres!  Can I join you?
  2. [Panel 6] B: Hey, Jessie!  A: Isn’t St*rb*cks a bit Bourgeois for you, comrade?
  3. [Panel 7] C: I’m an environmentalist, not a communist…
  4. [Panel 8] A: Sorry, comrade.  I guess I missed the memo from our last party meeting.

Lesson Learned:

Combining illustration and dialogue is much like singing and playing the guitar at the same time.